Marketing Research (1.STEP)

This stage includes implementation of the required studies and suggestions and feasibility reports which are completed by Research and Development department in order to maximize the tangible and intangible profits of the planned investment.In this context, the studies are bellowed must be completed for the project development.

  • Environmental and target analysis
  • Socio – economic structure analysis
  • Competition and target analysis
  • Construction principles analysis
  • User tendency, expectation and behaviour analysis

Project Development (2.STEP)

The second step of the projects involves assigning an architect, mechanic and electric and static engineers. In the light of marketing and environment researches, the project is detailed in cooperation with the architectural team and ready to be implemented in the area. At this time, the company make the evaluation of the projects in terms of the target group, time table and cost.

Marketing and Construction (3.STEP)

After obtaining the construction permit, the construction crew is selected and the project is submitted to the market. This stage involves marketing activities regarding any kind of real estate such as housing trade center business center and investment projects: determining the best topology for the planned project and determine the target market and potential buyers, tenant and selling and leasing activities. In this stage, different types of construction services and construction in return for the investment and management are handled. Yil Yapi Insaat, is in the service of customers with projects of any magnitude; from extensive projects such as business centers and industrial sites to office, stores and residence decoration design and implementation.

Management ( 4.STEP)

The most important issue is the management when the project is completed.;therefore, Yildizlar Yonetim, a Yildizlar Group Company, take over the responsibilities of the management and solve the problems immediately order to make the customers happy. The responsibilities of the Yildizlar Yonetim are security, cleaning of the social areas and maintanence of the mechanical and electrical infrastructures.